In the succession plan we perceive death as a property and economic risk. We analyze its effects in terms of law, taxes, finance and strategic decisions concerning the organization. We assume that the full and correct implementation of succession plans is ensured by a combination of specialized legal, tax and financial advice.

This complementary, multi-faceted approach allows us to construct in a thoughtful and structured way a coherent succession plan that will ensure a smooth, uninterrupted transfer of wealth between the generations, as intended by all concerned, regardless of the actual length of life or the time of death of each individual.

Our service is addressed to all entrepreneurs who are owners of business entities, in particular:

  • entrepreneurs running an individual business activity;
  • partners in civil partnerships;
  • partners in general partnerships;
  • partners in limited liability companies;
  • partners in limited partnerships. 

as well as to presidents, board members and key persons in family and company, i. e. all those who want to consciously and intentionally protect their relatives, family, partners or their company from the legal, tax and financial consequences of the death of key persons.

Our experts:

Damian Kostur LL.M.

dr Giovanni Ferretti

Angelo Ferretti

Paweł Bębenek

Paweł Greszta

Tomasz Stanek


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